We opened in 1989.

We started as a family business with a team of 3 and we had a 20 square meters guest area.

Back then we could receive 16 guests, plus 16 more visitors on our terrace. At the beginning a large part of our income came from the transiting workers, and from the beverage sales of the scheduled buses.
At that time we had no menu. The guests could see the actual offer on a board. Our kitchen was also pretty small, only 12 square meters, according to the needs.

There was a growing demand for food and seats from month to month.
Because of the increasing need for bigger space, in 1992 we broadened the kitchen and the restaurant as well. Thanks to this, we could already receive 40 guests inside, and 20 other guests on the terrace.
As a result of the improving quality and the modernized restaurant, our clientele has also changed.
We extended the staff, developed table service and of course a proper menu, with an extended food assortment.
At that time we already operated as „Édenkert Csárda”.

In 1995 we built a banqueting-hall for 60 people, which is connectable with the other halls. This new part was a non-smoking, and a bit more exclusive premise. We extended our kitchen too, which became 35 square meters.
At the nearby companies and the foreign guests request we developed a motel upstairs, above the other halls, with 7 rooms, and we built a partly roofed parking area. From that time our name is „Édenkert Csárda és Fogadó”.

2001 – total motel renovation

air condition, with all modern conveniences

In 2004 we introduced the HACCP food safety system, and we changed our dishes, ovens and fridges to stainless steel. In 2005 we constructed the wireless internet. Our restaurant guests, and hotel guests can use the WiFi free of charge. 2009. We celebrated our 20th anniversary of our existence on the 1st of September 2009. At the moment we have a team of 16 in the restaurant, and they try to grant the requests of our guests every day.


If you need any information about event organisation, please get in touch with us by calling the given phone number, or by messaging. Édenkert Csárda és Fogadó

  • Address: 3031 Zagyvaszántó, Jókai út 14/A (21 main road, 11. km)
  • GPS: 47.767498 N, 19.663724 E
  • Telephone, FAX: +36 37 386 238
  • Mobile: +36 20 962 4699
  • E-mail address: info@edenkertcsarda.hu

Room prices:

  • Room with shower, without breakfast: 15000 Ft / night
  • Suite with 2 bathrooms, no breakfast: 15000 Ft / night
    Breakfast can be chosen from the menu!

The prices listed are guidelines, they contain the VAT,
but they do not contain the tourist tax. (additional tax on tourism: 120 Ft/person/night)